Uploading rosters in bulk

Note: Roster CSV Upload tool is only available for newly created teams.

Account owners with access to complete roster information can use the Roster CSV Upload tool to save time when filling out rosters in Trace.

Roster and scheduling solutions like TeamSnap and Playmetrics allow certain users to export team info, which can help you save time when setting up rosters in Trace. Check to see if you have the proper permissions to export the data or ask a coach or team manager for help

Export and organize the data in CSV format

Trace’s Roster CSV Upload tool can read roster data as long as it includes the following columns:

Column 1 | Jersey Number

Column 2 | Name

Column 3 | Email

This format conveniently maps to TeamSnap’s default format of roster exports.


Upload and preview roster data

  • Open your account invite email and click Complete Setup (Can't find it? Search your email for admin@traceup.com)

  • Verify your contact information and team info, then tap next.

  • When you get to the roster window, drag and drop your CSV File to the target at the top.

  • A preview of the data from your CSV will automatically load below.

  • Quickly review for data mapping errors.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the form, to click save and complete the process.

If you have trouble uploading your CSV in bulk, you can always fall back to adding players one by one.

Account owner emails: account owners and managers can’t use their email for their player. If your Player doesn't have an email, we recommend using an alias email of yours (i.e. chris+jonny@gmail.com)

Players without an email: You might not have all player emails at the time of creating your roster. In this case, we recommend using the parent's email. Parents will receive the Trace invite and can manage the family structure and email addresses.

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