Using Trace Game Search

Looking for a game you played that was recorded by Trace? Whether you’re on the home or away team, you can access personalized highlights for every player via Trace Game search.

  1. Search by name: if you know the team name you can enter it in the search box. Hint: didn’t find it on the first try? Try making it less specific, like removing the birth year in case U15 was entered as 09, or removing FC or Football Club.)

  2. Don’t know the team name? You can search by gender, age, game date and location

  3. For location search, you can use your current location or a specific address or zip code.

  4. Combination search: you can use a combination of any of the variables above to find your team.

Find your game

I found my game. How do I watch it?

To watch the game, you'll need to sign up for a free trial, or a paid subscription.

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