How to subscribe to Trace highlights (PlayerFocus)

Trace creates personalized highlights for any player on the field, on both home and away teams. You can subscribe to your player's game results, tactical highlights, and the full game footage. The subscription follows your player, regardless of which camera is used.

Subscription options:

Trace offers two subscription plans: Basic and Pro.

  • The Basic plan allows you to access and view the content of every game and each player's highlights. ($180/year or $25 per month.)

  • The Pro plan includes all the benefits of Basic, plus the ability to save highlights to your profile and create and edit your own highlights. ($300/year or $35 per month.)

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by being added to a team roster or from any game link. Your subscription is tied to your Trace account. You can log into your account here.

Before the first game

Ask your Trace team manager to add you to the team roster. As soon as you're added to the roster, you'll receive a roster invite where you can add your family members and subscribe before your first game.

If you're associated with a team roster, you'll receive your game results by email and text after each game.

After a game

Didn't get added before the game? Ask the Trace videographer to forward you a game link by email or text. Here, you can sign up for a free 7 day trial to unlock and explore all of the Trace features.

Can I subscribe to someone else's camera?

Yes. Your Trace subscription follows your player, regardless of which camera is used.

How do I assign the subscription to different family members?

  1. You must be logged in as the person who purchased the subscription. (Don't know who that is? On your family page, you can see the primary subscriber -it will say "Subscriber" under their name.)

  2. From the hamburger menu in the top left, choose "My Family" then "Manage my family".

  3. On desktop: to the right of the main subscriber's name, choose the tree dots. On mobile: tap the main subscriber's name.

  4. Choose "Subscriber permissions".
  5. Assign the subscription to the family member you want to give access to by checking the box next to their name.

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