Timeline Highlights

Timeline Highlights bring more speed and flexibility to your highlights. All the highlights in your current playlists are distributed over the game’s full timeline. The previous video player was locked to the highlight you are currently on. With this timeline update, you can skip ahead past the end of the highlight to keep watching the game film. You can also roll over and preview the tags and players associated with other highlights on the timeline!


  • Full timeline view with tick marks for every highlight in the current playlist.

  • Home goals are green. Away goals are red.

  • Roll over ticks to preview tags and players.

  • Roll over the timeline to see time.

  • Click and drag the playhead anywhere in the game.

  • Areas without video are darker (e.g. half time)

  • 2-3x faster loading/seeking between highlights


Trace Timeline


How do I watch the full game?

Go to the "Raw video + all highlights" playlist

The video is skipping from one highlight to another, but I want to see past the end of the highlight.

Use the Skip Forward 5s button to skip past the end of a highlight or click on the timeline in the area you want to watch. 

Can I still download the raw video?

Yes. Downloading Raw video works the same way, from the highlight options menu •••
Additionally, you can now download raw video from any playlist.

I downloaded the full-game but it only downloaded one half

Each “half” of the game is a separate video file. Currently you can only download the soccer half that you are watching, a single baseball inning, or MultiCam highlight. We are working on a way to download all raw footage from both halves at the same time. 

How do I find MultiCam highlights

If your game was filmed in Multicam, you can see the available MultiCam video on the timeline. Tap the multicam icon and select the alternate camera. The timeline will show you where MultiCam video is available.


What happened to the halves filters above the playlist?

We removed the playlist filter

to make more vertical room for highlights in the playlists. We also removed MultiCam camera filters from MultiCam games.




 Note: full game downloads are available for 90 days after your game. You can continue to watch the full game, create moments from the full game footage, and download moments from any tactical or personalized playlist for as long as your Trace subscription is active.


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