Building Your Trace iD

What is Trace iD?

Trace iD is the home for all your soccer memories and highlights. It’s a place to easily organize, save, and share your highlights, and to see your latest games. With multiple playlists and privacy controls you can create playlists for homework, for player development, to share with family, for recruiting, or just for fun.

Trace iD is more than a highlight reel: it’s a complete picture of you as a player. From any highlight, you can jump to that highlight in the full game, giving recruiters and coaches full context. Share the link once: Trace iD auto updates as you play more games and add more highlights, so college coaches always have the most up to date picture of you.

How do I add a highlight to my Trace iD?

Adding a highlight is super easy! Just tap the Save button. (Any highlight that has already been placed into a playlist can be added to a Trace iD → it can come from any tactical playlist as well as another player’s highlights). You can personalize your highlights when you add them and add a spotlight, or you can come back and personalize them later.

How do I change the order of the highlights? 

Tap and hold the two lines just below the highlight number, and move the highlight to where you’d like it in the list.

What if a highlight isn’t in any playlist and only exists in the full game?

We are constantly working to improve the accuracy of your personalized highlights. At times, TRACE_BOT will miss a highlight. If you didn’t see a highlight in your personalized playlist, you may be able to find it in one of the game’s tactical playlists. You can add highlights from any playlist to your Trace iD.
Sometimes, highlights are not available in any playlist. You can create your own highlights from the full game results using the highlight creator.

Can I add more playlists?

Trace iD Basic comes with one private and one public playlist. You can add unlimited playlists with Trace iD+

How many highlights can I add to a playlist?

Trace iD allows you to add 10 highlights to each playlist. You can add unlimited highlights to any playlist with PlayerFocus Pro.

How are my views counted?

The view count is the total views of each of your highlights, wherever they appear. That could be as part of Trace iD, in your team’s game results, on leaderboards, etc. If you remove a highlight from Trace iD, the total views associated with that highlight will be removed from your total views.

How is the updated date calculated?

Your Trace iD update date is refreshed any time you change your Trace iD content: add, edit, or delete a highlight, edit your playlists or bio.

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