Processing FAQ (PlayerFocus)

Most issues with PlayerFocus game processing fall under two scenarios:

1. No jersey number assigned to players.

2. Less than ideal video quality (if a human would have trouble identifying players, so will the computer!)

In each case, there are steps you can take to improve future results.

Why doesn’t my player have any highlights?

Your player may not be assigned to the roster correctly. Check the “Find my Player” window for your game to see if there are highlights assigned to your player’s number that are not connected with their account.

Before your next game, make sure your team manager assigns a jersey number to your player. You can add highlights from any playlist (including the ones that just have jersey numbers) to your Trace iD.

My player is a goalie but doesn’t have any goalie highlights

Your player may not have been assigned as the goalie in the roster. You can add goalkeeping highlights to their playlist under Playlist Options.

Our roster is assigned correctly but we still don’t have highlights

First, check with your manager to see if jersey numbers were entered after the game was played. Jersey numbers must be assigned BEFORE the game is played.

Video quality can affect your highlights. Many factors can affect your video detection quality including:

  • Your camera was pointed into the sun. Place the camera pointing away from the sun for best results.
  • The placement of your camera causes a large difference in light across the field (trees creating shadows, for example)
  • Your tripod was too low. We recommend raising the tripod to full height.
  • Your jersey color and jersey numbers color were very similar.
  • Your jersey colors were the same as your opponents’.

Why doesn’t my player have Always-On Spotlight (halo)?

This could happen for a few reasons:

  • Spotlight isn’t turned on in the options.

  • Your player is a goalie. Since goalies are visually different from other players, they do not have an always-on spotlight.

  • We couldn’t identify your player.

Regardless of the reason, you can add the highlight to your Trace iD and manually add a spotlight

How do I remove a highlight that does not feature me from my playlist?

Tap the three dots and choose "Halo on the wrong player."

How do I report other issues with my playlist?

Choose "this is not a goal" or "don't see player in highlight" to report your issue. Data from your report will be used to improve future highlights.

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