Navigating your game results (PlayerFocus)

Once your game is ready, you will receive an email and a Text message from Trace with your game results. Tap the game link to review and share your game results.

If you are associated with a player on the team or if you are a coach, your game results link will open on your personalized playlist. For everyone else, the results link will start with player search. Here you can see any player tagged in the game and choose to view their personalized playlist. You can also share a link to the game from player search.

Player search can also be found under the hamburger menu in the top left (game roster).

Personalized playlists

A personalized playlist includes your individual game highlights. You’ll also see home and away goals in your personalized playlists.

Highlights that include spotlight are noted with a spotlight icon. You can turn spotlight and player name on and off.

Coach / Tactical Playlists

Coach playlists contain team tactical highlights for in-depth analysis. Highlights are sorted by tactical and location tags. Use tactical filters to focus on a specific action or location. Use “Choose” to focus on a specific player. Anyone on the team can view and filter tactical highlights in the coach playlist. 

You must have a coach assigned to your team to see this playlist.

You can share a link to the game results from two places:

  1. The share icon on any highlight

  2. The player selector

If the person receiving the results is associated with a player, the link will open on their personalized results. For anyone else, the link will start with the player selector.

Viewing the full game

You can jump to any point in the full game from the timeline. Tap the spot in the timeline where you’d like to start, and you’ll watch the full game starting at that time.

On mobile, timeline is available in horizontal mode. You can also move back and forward in the timeline using the 5 second forward and backward buttons.

Video Settings

You can adjust playback speed, sound, moment looping and zoom in video settings. (To find video settings on mobile, tap the video window to see the settings.)

⏱️ Speed controls: watch in slow motion, 1.5 or double speed with easy to toggle controls.

🔇 Mute on/off: all games are muted by default. Toggle the mute control to turn the sound on.

🔁 Moment looping: watch one moment over and over or automatically move to the next moment in the playlist

🔎 Radar visibility: turn the radar window on and off.

Trace iD

Your Trace iD dashboard makes saving, organizing, and sharing your highlights easy. Add and organize your highlights with one click after each game. Share the link to your Trace iD once: the link auto-updates as you add more content. Share Trace iD with recruiters, family and friends. Learn more here.

To save a highlight to a playlist, start by tapping Save.


Anyone associated with your team can add additional views and angles with their phone by filming Multicam in the Trace Teams app. If Multicam footage is available for your game, you’ll find it under the projector icon. Learn more about how to Multicam here.

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