How to Edit Your Family Contact Information

Thy Nguyen
Last Updated: 2 months ago

How to Edit Your Family's Contact Information :
You can edit your family’s contact information and invite more family members on your Family Page. Here are the steps for accessing and editing your Family Page:

Step 1: Log in to your Trace account

Step 2: Click on your avatar in the top right corner. A drop down menu should pop up showing your family. Tap edit to make changes

Step 3: To add more family members, click on the “Invite a family member” button at the center of your family page, and enter their contact details..

Step 4: To edit contact info for family members, hover over the member until you see three dots on the right hand side.

Tap the three dots to edit. Remember to tap Save changes when you are done.

Now that you know how to access and navigate your Trace family page, you can easily keep track of your family information, relive exciting moments, and share your family accomplishments.

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