Downloading Highlights

Trace makes your life easy by automatically editing player highlights, touch chains, and coach notes. You can save and organize your highlights in Trace iD. But sometimes you might want to download highlights to add to social media.

Note: If you are using PlayerFocus, highlight downloads are available for PlayerFocus Pro subscribers.

Download #TraceHighlights

  1. While a highlight is playing, click the share symbol in the timeline bar.

  2. Click “Download.”

  3. Click "Download Highlight"

    * Tip: Use hashtag #TraceHighlights when posting on social media so we can share it!
Click Share Button
Click Download on the far right

Download Playlist of Highlights

Do you need to download a playlist of highlights? No problem. Start by building a Playlist on your Trace iD profile. Once you have the Playlist ready, head over to your Trace iD playlist and click the download icon in the top right. You'll see two options:

  1. Download this moment

  2. Download whole playlist

Select, "Download whole playlist."

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