Watching Full Game Footage (PlayerFocus)

Watching Full Game Footage on Desktop

On a desktop computer, the Trace game player is made up up two parts:

  1. On the right hand side is our Player highlight playlist. This is where you can select any highlight Trace was able to generate for your player. Once you click on highlight, the game footage will start playing from the start of the highlight and then will continue playing the rest of the full game footage from that starting point.

  2. The bottom of the screen is our timeline bar, this is where you can navigate to any part of the game. You'll see dots on the timeline that indicate highlights, you can click on a dot and the game will jump to that highlight. But you can also move the timeline to any part of the game, (including the kick-off) to start watching the full game footage in it's entirety.
    Trace Game Player (Desktop)

Select the first dot from the timeline bar to move your game footage to Kickoff
Kickoff - Trace Game Player (Desktop)

Watching Full Game Footage on Mobile

When you first open a game on a mobile device, you'll see the game video at the top, and the Player highlight playlist on the bottom.
Trace Game Player (Mobile - Portrait)

To access our full game timeline bar on mobile, you'll need to turn your phone to landscape mode.
Trace Game Player (Mobile - Landscape)

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