Upload and Manage Scoreboard Logos

--Scoreboard logos can only be managed by Account Owners. 

--Scoreboard logo setup and management is only available on desktop computers.

Club and sponsor logos can be added to your game footage from your account dashboard

Adding a Logo to Your Scoreboard

  1. Navigate to your dashboard

    1. Click the three lines in the top left

    2. Choose Players

    3. Choose Scoreboard Logo

  2. Click on the Sponsor Tab

  3. Click “Add a logo”

  1. Click or drag and drop your logo onto the Upload Logo window. (Supported File Formats: .jpeg and .pngs less than 50kb)

  1. Preview your logo and click “Save Logo”

  2. Your Club Setting Page will display a preview of your current logo 

Scoreboard logos can be managed from your Club Setting Page.

  1. Click “Remove Logo” to remove your logo from your scoreboard.

  2. Click “Upload a new logo” to replace your current logo.

Scoreboard Logo FAQs

What are best practices to make our logo look as good as possible?

  • Logos designed for white backgrounds work best.

  • Make sure your logo file is less than 50kb and saved as .jpeg or .png

Will this be visible on all teams/games in my Trace club account? 

  • Yes. The logo will appear on all games in your club account. 

Do scoreboard logos display both on mobile and desktop

  • Yes, logos display when games are viewed both on mobile and desktop. (Note - Uploading, removing and replacing logos is only supported on Desktop

Can I choose where the logo appears on the video? 

  • No. All logos will appear in the same location: top left corner of the video screen next to the game scoreline.

Who will have account permissions to upload/remove logos? 

  • Only the Club Account Owner of your account can make changes to the logo.

Can I upload whatever I want? Does Trace have to review/approve the logo upload?

  • No, Trace does not have to review your logo upload. Trace reserves the right to remove any logo at its sole discretion. It is the club’s responsibility to receive approval to use the registered trademark of any company/logo uploaded to Trace. Clubs are solely liable for any copyright or trademark infringement associated with the upload of a logo to the Trace platform per our Terms of Service. 

  • No. Trace does not receive any sort of payment or fee related to the uploading of a logo onto the Trace platform. 

Can I see how many views a game has received to tell a potential sponsor the level of exposure this will provide them? 

  • Yes. You can see the number of views per game on individual games. On average, games recorded with Trace receive more than 1,000 views per game. You can also find your logo's total visibility stats in your logo dashboard.

Will the logo be available on downloads? 

  • No. Currently, the logo will only be visible on the game film played on the Trace platform.

Can I upload multiple logos? 

  • No, you are limited to a single logo. 

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