Traveling With Trace

Can I upload video from my hotel?

No. The Trace Case is unable to connect to hotel networks because of their security settings. We recommend waiting until you are home to upload.

How many games can I Trace before uploading?

8 games total. Your Tracers & Camera can record 3 games per day before they need to be charged.

A typical weekend travel scenario:

How do I charge my equipment?

Charge your camera

  1. Plug your TraceCam 2 into a power outlet.

  2. Leave the camera plugged in overnight to charge. (The camera is finished charging when the battery light in the bottom right is solid green. You can also press the button in the front of the camera for a charging status update.)

Upload when you return home.

When you get back to your home network it is time to upload. The upload process is the same as usual. You can follow your upload progress in the Trace Teams app.

What about inclement weather?

If you are experiencing extreme weather at your event, please review these weather recommendations.

Where do I go for help?

Tracing Outside the U.S.

The equipment is designed to be able to work outside the US, but it's essential to use the correct power adapter for the country you're visiting. Using an incompatible power adapter could damage the equipment, and we do not provide power adapters for countries other than the U.S. Please keep in mind that if damages occur due to using the wrong power adapter, you will be responsible for equipment replacement costs.

As a friendly reminder, leaderboards are location dependent. This means that games played outside the US won't be visible on the leaderboards. We hope you enjoy using your Trace equipment, no matter where your travels take you!


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