Trace Weather Recommendations

Tracing in the Rain

The camera is water-resistant.

In the event that there is a delay, make sure that your camera is powered down. Leave the camera down where it is. Moving the camera (besides lowering it) will affect the results. 👍

Tracing when Windy

We provide 3 empty sandbags with each set of equipment. Please remember to fill all 3 sandbags with about 10lbs of sand each. This will ensure the tripod is secure.

Don't want to use sandbags? Check out these alternatives!

Canopy Weights

Trampoline Stakes

If winds begin to pick up and you notice tripod is not secure, please lower the tripod and stop tracing. (If the tripod is not secure and the camera falls, it will not be possible to process your game, and you will not receive results.)

Tracing in Extreme Heat

If you are playing in extreme heat please store the equipment in the shade before and after each game.

Camera Falls

To ensure the safety of your camera and avoid additional costs, it's essential to take precautions in various weather conditions. 

Note: Cameras that are damaged due to falls will incur a $350 replacement charge.

Per our terms and conditions, Trace will always ship cameras that pass our rigorous testing process, and replace defective cameras at no additional cost, as long as the defect is not caused by a drop due to the camera falling.

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