Start Recording (PlayerFocus)

Watch our short video on setting up the camera to film your game.

What you will need

  1. Trace Teams app for creating your game and starting/stopping the equipment

1. Select "+ Trace a New Game"

Note: If you've already created the game in advance, you can skip ahead to step 2.

In your Trace app, you'll first start by creating a game. To do so, tap "+ Trace a New Game." From here, you'll give us some information about the game, like opponent, date and time.

You can create games in the future if you're a planner! If you create a game in the future, you'll notice the button says, "Schedule for later."

You'll notice that you can't pick an exact start time, and that's ok, just get it close! If you're game is at 11:40, you can put 11:45.

2. Select Start Recording

10 to 20 minutes before the game starts, open up your app and tap, "Start Tracing." and continue following the instructions.

Start Recording Screen

3. Set up the tripod at mid field

Set up the tripod 4-5 steps from the midfield line. Secure the tripod with all three sandbags. Each sandbag holds ~10lbs of sand.

Note: You must secure your tripod to safely use your camera. Don't want to use sandbags? Check out these alternatives!

Canopy Weights

Trampoline Stakes

Please avoid pointing the camera towards the sun. It is preferable to have the sun positioned at the back of the camera.

See how to open the tripod

The center pole needs to be at a right angle to the cross pieces for maximum stability. Make sure you are using your sandbags or other weights as well.

4. Press the power button to turn your TraceCam on

When the camera is ready, the record lights will flash red.

The camera will tell you when it’s turned on.

5. Scan your camera ID

Use the QR reader or type it in manually.

6. Raise & aim the tripod

Raise the tripod all the way and aim it towards the centerline. Align the flat back of the camera parallel to the sideline.

7. Connect the camera to Preview

Adjust your aim based on the preview.

8. Blinking Red Lights on Camera

If you're camera is successfully recording you should see blinking red lights on the bottom of your camera.

Congrats. you’ve started to Trace, and now your match is in play.

What happens next?

Leave the camera in its place for the duration of the match (you do not need to stop the camera during halftime).

Come back when the match is over to Stop Tracing.

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