Slow Upload Speed Guide

You can test your upload speed here.

Your videos will remain on your camera until they can be uploaded. Videos are copied to your camera’s internal memory for safekeeping until upload while freeing up space on your camera in case you have more games tomorrow.

Reason #1: Precautionary Shutdown

Your video is stored on your camera until it is time to upload. The camera’s internal computer will only allow videos to upload on relatively fast and stable connections. Any amount of jitter or abnormal slowness will cause the camera to stop uploading and go to sleep in order to protect your files.

How to fix this:

  1. Unplug your camera from ethernet

  2. Let it sit there plugged into a power source for 15-20 minutes

  3. Plug your camera back into ethernet

Reason #2: Your equipment is jammed

This is probably the most common reason most networks slows down. Modems and routers can end up receiving more information than they can handle. When this happens, your network slows down or even freezes. 

We know what you are thinking – “but I’m watching Netflix and my kids are Online. My network is fine.” Not necessarily. Remember, uploading and downloading are separate and your upload can be jammed while your download is fine.

How to fix this:

  1. Unplug your camera from both power and ethernet

  2. Reset your modem, or reset your router

  3. Tell the kids to get off of Snapchat 🙂

  4. Plug your camera back in

Reason #3: Your provider’s network is experiencing high upload congestion levels

Internet connections function like roadways for digital information, and just like real roadways, they can run into slowdowns and traffic jams. These slowdowns can stem from your ISP’s network or your home network.

If a lot of people in the same area are online, the data they’re sending back and forth can max out the network’s bandwidth and cause slowing. If this occurs, it’s usually in highly populated areas during peak hours on evenings and weekends. 

How to fix this:

  • Call customer service and ask if they can boost speed in that area.

Reason #4: Your provider is throttling your connection

Internet throttling is the act of purposely slowing down internet service. This is usually done by the Internet Service Provider either as part of their business model, as a way to combat network congestion, or as a defense measure against illegal file-sharing.

It is also possible that your ISP is throttling your upload because you have reached your monthly limit. 

Speed tests alone may not detect throttling. 

How to fix this?

  1. Treat throttling like internet upload congestion.

  2. Call customer service and ask if they can boost speed in that area

  3. Determine what your upload speed should really be

  4. Consider switching upload plans to get more bandwidth

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