Sharing Trace iD

You can share a link to your entire Trace iD or to a single playlist. The link is dynamic: once you share it, you can continue to add to or edit your Trace iD, and the link will auto update. You can share your Trace iD from the playlist tab, or share individual playlists inside each playlist.

Can I download my highlights?

You can download individual highlights with spotlight, or download entire playlists as a single video file.

Can I build this for my son/daughter?

Anyone in your family has access to the other family members’ Trace iDs. You can add, delete, move or copy highlights across your family.

When building recruiting profiles, college coaches want to hear directly from the prospective student-athlete. They do not want to hear from Mom or Dad. After all, Mom and Dad are not the ones going to play in college. The more active a player is within the process, the more they showcase the necessary characteristics that college coaches want to have in their program, such as desire, confidence, determination, intelligence, etc.

We recommend that parents provide constructive feedback during this process while letting the student-athlete steer the ship.

The Player’s Guide to Emailing College Coaches

How many highlights should I have in a recruiting profile?

How Many Soccer Highlights Do I Send to a College Coach?

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