Sensorless game results (Legacy)

This article is for the legacy version of Trace which uses GPS sensors. If you're looking for PlayerFocus sensorless results, check out the PlayerFocus help center.

 The Tracers players wear allow TRACE_BOT to personalize your game results. If you received a game without personalized data, it is likely due to one of two issues:

No Team Data

If your team played a game without sensors, TRACE_BOT will not be able to provide you with personalized results. Some reasons why this might happen:

  • Your team didn’t wear your Tracers

  • You played a practice or scrimmage on a non regulation sized field

  • You played indoors

Sensorless games include tactical playlists that were created with computer vision (CV). CV playlists include:

  • Progressions: When your team advances the ball past 2 or more defenders via pass or dribble.

  • Defensive Breakdowns: When the opposing team advances the ball past 2 or more of your team’s defenders via pass or dribble.

  • Box: Action around your penalty or the opponents area (we detect the ball in a penalty area for a certain duration).

  • Goals: Your own teams’ goals and your opponents’ goals.

CV playlists do not come with player identification or personalized stats.

No Player Data

If you’re missing your personalized player data for a game where you wore a Tracer, it’s possible there was a hardware issue with your Tracer. What can you do?

  1. Fill out a support ticket to report the issue. They will be able to check and see if this was a processing error or a hardware malfunction. In the case of a processing error, they may be able to update your results

  2. If there is no Tracer data available for your game, you can save and create highlights from the full game results.

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