Saving and Personalizing Highlights

You can save, personalize and organize your highlights in Trace iD. Follow the steps below to learn how to add spotlight, edit the length of your highlight, add custom descriptions to highlights, and more:

  1. Tap the save button at the bottom right of the screen

  2. Select a playlist you would like to save it to your Trace iD, or create a new one

  3. In the pop-up at the bottom of the screen, tap the "Trim, spotlight…" button 

  4. Select the highlights start and end time as well as the duration using the length adjustment buttons 

  5. Tap "Spotlight" to continue 

  6. Tap and drag the spotlight that appears on the area you want to focus on 

  7. Select the spotlight start and end time using the length adjustment buttons

  8. Tap the "Tags" button to continue

  9. Choose your tags from the Attack, Defense, or GK tabs

  10. Tap "Add a title" to continue 

  11. Write your custom highlight description in the “personalize your title” box

  12. Review your highlight and tap "Save moment"

You can also stop after step 2 and continue to review the game. You can get back to personalizing your highlights later right from Trace iD, by tapping the three dots on the right.

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