PlayerFocus Highlights and Always-on Spotlight

Putting your player Front & Center is one of the reasons why parents and coaches all across the country choose Trace. With our PlayerFocus technology, we can automatically identify your player to help you watch the game with a focus on your player. Here are some instructions on how to get the most out of your player's game film.

Understand the Different Types of Highlights

If you've started a PlayerFocus subscription, you can access edited footage. In your player's playlist, you'll notice two types of highlights Spotlight highlights and Tactical highlights.
Spotlight highlight (first on list) vs Tactical highlight (second on list)
  1. Spotlight Highlights: These are the clips where your player is the main focus. You'll find a spotlight icon next to these highlights, indicating that our Always-on spotlight feature is available for these clips.

  2. Tactical Highlights: These are game highlights where your player might not be in the frame but the footage is still significant to them. For example, a goal scored by the team can be a Tactical highlight.

Make Use of the Always-on Spotlight

Our Always-on Spotlight feature makes identifying your player in the game footage a breeze. You have the power to control how the Spotlight works through our Spotlight controls. Here's how to manage them:

To manage your Spotlight controls, look for the control panel icon next to our player search function.
Always-on Spotlight controls

Understanding the Options: You have three spotlight options:

  • Player highlight. Turning on "Player highlight," every time we find your player, we'll show a circle around your player that will follow them for as long as possible.

  • Player name. By turning on "Player name," every time we find your player, we'll show their name on top of the player that will follow them for as long as we can.

  • Hagrid Mode (experimental). By turning on Hagrid Mode, we'll magnify the player.

Please note that these Spotlight options might not be available all the time or on all highlights.

Video Tutorial of Always-on Spotlight controls

For a more detailed guide on how to use the Always-on Spotlight controls, check out our video tutorial.

Video tutorial on Desktop

Video tutorial on Mobile

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