PlayerFocus Coach and Tactical Playlists

Coaches know the power of game footage in refining players' skills and team strategy. To support this, Trace offers an enhanced Coach Experience featuring filters, coach-specific highlights, and more. Access this by using our "Find a Player" search.

We offer two subscription plans for coaches: PlayerFocus Coach and PlayerFocus Pro Coach. To start a subscription, add a Coach to your team, navigate to their Coach playlist from "Find a Player", and click "Upgrade". This subscription can be added for any coach on your team.

  1. PlayerFocus Basic Coach Subscription

    With this subscription, you get:

    • Coach Filters

    • Coach Highlights

    • Full Game Footage

    • Storage for Your 15 Most Recent Games

    • Ability to Curate up to 2 Playlists and Share on Trace iD

  2. PlayerFocus Pro Coach Subscription

    This subscription offers everything in PlayerFocus Coach, plus:

    • Storage for ALL of Your Games

    • Unlimited Creation of Playlists and Highlights on Trace iD

    • Download player highlights

Access the Coach playlist from the "Find a Player" screen. Click on your Coach name to access the playlist.
Find a Coach playlist at the bottom of a Find a Player search.

Using Coach Filters: The Coach playlist provides filters at the top of the page. Note that these filters are only available with a PlayerFocus Coach or PlayerFocus Pro Coach subscription.
Coach playlist including Coach filters

Applying Player Filter: The Coach playlist includes a Player filter, which can be accessed through the "Choose" button. This allows coaches to access specific player highlights as the players unlock their footage.
Coach Player Filter. Players become available as they unlock their own footage.

Video tutorial of Coach playlist

For a more detailed guide, check out our video tutorial of the Coach playlist.

Inviting Coaches to Your Team

Division owners and managers have the ability to add Coaches to a team. To do this:

  1. Click on your team in the sidebar.

  2. Click on "Settings".

  3. Click on "Coaches and Managers".

  4. From here, you'll be able to "Invite a Coach".

Update Roles on Your Team

Once a Coach is added to your team, their role on the team must be updated. Follow our Edit your Team instructions to set their Role.

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