Multicam FAQ

Thy Nguyen
Last Updated: 7 months ago

How do I access Multicam?

To access Multicam, you'll need the Trace Teams iOS app.

Who can record Multicam?

Anyone associated with your team can record MultiCam: parents, players, coaches and managers.

Where should I set up my phone camera?

You can set it up anywhere! We have a few locations that worked well in testing if you’d like a recommendation.

Does my phone video record with sound?

No. We only use the sound from your TraceCam in MultiCam videos.

Should I use a tripod?

It’s up to you: with a tripod, you can set and forget your camera and enjoy the game. Prefer to grab footage on the fly? That works too.

What kind of phone can I use to shoot video?

At this time, MultiCam video requires an iPhone and the Trace Teams iPhone app.

Where do I download Trace Teams?

You can find it in the Apple app store.

Can I shoot both vertical and horizontal video?

For best results, shoot horizontal video only.

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