Game Results FAQs

Why Didn’t I Receive My Results Email?

  1. If you have previously received our emails, you have likely unsubscribed on accident – if you think this might be the case, please fill out a support ticket and we’ll take a look!

  2. You need to whitelist on your domain ( and are the main culprits) – Click here to learn how

  3. If you have never received an email from us fill out a support ticket so we can make sure your email is connected to your team

Why Didn’t I have Many Highlights?

  1. The Tracer moved at some point during the game to the side or front of the leg. We are aware of this issue right now, and we are moving as quickly as possible to fix it.

  2. Your Tracer ran out of battery

  3. Your Tracer ran out of storage

In the meantime, you can still go through the other touch chains available to look for the highlights that you would like to add to your Trace iD.

How do I jump to the Full Game from a highlight?

Click here to view a screen recording!

What Is Stamina?

Click here to view a help article!

What Are Max Efforts?

Click here to view a help article!

Can I Adjust The Playback Speed?

You sure can! Choose the gear icon on the bottom left to open the video settings panel. Choose your preferred speed, then confirm settings to save your selection.


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