Front & Center (beta)

Sharable highlights that put your player in the center of the action.

Front & Center identifies, follows and zooms in on your player. Each video provides an enhanced PlayerFocus experience that simulates having a personal cameraperson following you.

Frequently asked

Who can get these highlights?

Front & Center is only available for PlayerFocus Pro during the beta period. Customers or members of PlayerFocus Team or Club subscription will also see it once it's out of beta.

Why am I seeing this on my Trace iD?

During the beta testing period we will be generating Front & Center highlights for select players after every game. The Front & Center highlights will collect in a playlist called Front & Center.

How do I share this

There are a few sharing options.

  1. Download and save to your device

  2. Share a link to this playlist, or

  3. Copy your favorite Front & Center highlights to another Trace iD playlist and share from there.

Does this playlist count toward my limit of playlists in PlayerFocus Basic?

No. This playlist comes as part of any PlayerFocus subscription. For PlayerFocus basic you will be limited to accessing only your last 10 Front & Center highlights.

Why don’t my FC highlights have the halo on them?

Front & Center highlights put your player in the center of the video, so a halo is not necessary to identify them.

Are these FC Playlists public or private?

Public. Front & Center playlists will be public for the time being while we are in beta testing.

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