Ethernet FAQs

Does TraceCam 2 require an ethernet connection?

Yes, you must upload your game video using an ethernet connection.

Where do I plug in my camera’s ethernet cable for upload?

Connect TraceCam 2’s ethernet cable to an open ethernet port on your router.

My router doesn’t have an open ethernet port. What can I do?

If you need to free up a port in order to plug in TraceCam 2, you can add a network switch to your router:

  • You will need a network switch and a short ethernet cable.
  • Unplug one of the ethernet cables plugged into your router.
  • Connect the network switch to your router with the short ethernet cable.
  • Plug your TraceCam 2 and into the network switch with the cable that came with your camera.
  • The cable you previously unplugged can also be plugged into the network switch.

How long does it typically take for a game to process?

It typically takes ~ 4 hours on low volume days, but on busier weekends this can increase.

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