Create a highlight (PlayerFocus)

Trace's PlayerFocus AI is at work identifying highlights and automatically editing those highlights for you. But like all technology, our AI can miss certain things. Trace does give you the ability to create highlights from the raw game footage. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to part of the raw footage where you'd like the highlight to begin, then click Save in the bottom right

  2. Click, "Create a custom highlight" from the Save menu.

  3. You should now see the Edit start & end screen. You can adjust the start time of your highlight with the top controls, and you can adjust the duration of the highlight with the bottom controls. Once you're done editing the start, end, and duration, click Tags >.

    1. Start and end time (top controls): If you navigated to 14:05 in the raw game footage, but you'd like the footage to start at 14:01, you can click the back 2s twice on the top controls, and the highlight will start at 14:01.

    2. Highlight Duration (bottom controls): If you'd like the highlight to be 16 seconds, you'll click the forward 2s three times on the bottom controls, and the highlight will be 16 seconds long.

  4. You should now see the Tag your highlight screen. You can add additional context to your highlight by tagging in with a Description, Location and Player.

    1. Description tags: tag your highlight with a quick description of the type of action you're highlighting.

    2. Location tags: tag your highlight with a location of where the action is happening

    3. Player tags (most important): be sure to tag any player that's in this highlight. This is the only way to make the highlight show up in a player's highlight playlist.

  5. Click Review Changes >. Review the highlight and tags. If you need to make adjustments, tap < next to Review Highlight.

  6. Click Create moment >

  7. Refresh your screen.

  8. You're done! You'll see your newly created highlight in your player's playlist.

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