Best Practices for Clubs

Kiana Hatam
Last Updated: 4 months ago

Good habits mean great results. Over and over we find that the clubs who find the most success always adhere to these practices.


The Day Before Game Day

  • Charge up your equipment overnight (Case and Camera Battery)

  • Fill out your roster. Players should use their own unique emails so they can set up their Trace iD later. You can have as many parents/ family members as you want per player.


On Game Day

  • Set up early! Start Tracing 15-20 mins prior to game time.

  • The camera should face away from the sun to avoid glare. Pre-game setup tips.

  • All tracers should be blinking red before handing them out.  If you notice a Tracer is not blinking red do not use it. Contact us after the game.

  • Shut the equipment off after every game. If you are Tracing more than 2 games in one day we recommend using a 2nd battery. Back-to-back tips

Keep in Mind

  • Bad weather? Review our weather recommendations

  • Extreme heat? Electronics do not like heat. Please store your equipment in the shade when not in use.

  • Hotel wifi? Just donโ€™t do it. Uploading games on hotel wifi will not work. Back up your footage after each day: learn how in the uploading FAQ. Then upload all the data once you get home.

One dedicated videographer per team

Enlist a dedicated manager/parent that is responsible for handling a single kit per team during games and then going to their home afterward and uploading.

๐Ÿ˜ก One Person
A single coach or manager is trying to do it all.

๐Ÿ˜„ Multiple People
Divide and conquer for better & faster turnaround.


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