Best Practices for Clubs

Good habits mean great results. Over and over we find that the clubs who find the most success always adhere to these practices.


The Day Before Game Day

  • Charge up your equipment overnight (Case and Camera Battery)

  • Fill out your roster. Players should use their own unique emails so they can set up their Trace iD later. You can have as many parents/ family members as you want per player.


On Game Day

  • Set up early! Start Tracing 15-20 mins prior to game time.

  • The camera should face away from the sun to avoid glare. Pre-game setup tips.

  • All tracers should be blinking red before handing them out.  If you notice a Tracer is not blinking red do not use it. Contact us after the game.

  • Shut the equipment off after every game. If you are Tracing more than 2 games in one day we recommend using a 2nd battery. Back-to-back tips

Keep in Mind

  • Bad weather? Review our weather recommendations

  • Extreme heat? Electronics do not like heat. Please store your equipment in the shade when not in use.

  • Hotel wifi? Just donโ€™t do it. Uploading games on hotel wifi will not work. Back up your footage after each day: learn how in the uploading FAQ. Then upload all the data once you get home.

One dedicated videographer per team

Enlist a dedicated manager/parent that is responsible for handling a single kit per team during games and then going to their home afterward and uploading.

๐Ÿ˜ก One Person
A single coach or manager is trying to do it all.

๐Ÿ˜„ Multiple People
Divide and conquer for better & faster turnaround.


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