Adding a Team (PlayerFocus)

Do you need to film multiple players or teams? You can add as many teams as you want to your account. Just follow the instructions below. After you've added the teams, you'll be able to add players to the new rosters.

  1. After signing in at, click menu in the top left. Select your team name (for most this will be your name) under My Trace iD.

  2. Click on your Division Name (the link above your team name, in most cases it will be your name, in the image below it's the underlined Ron Kurti).

  3. From the Division Dashboard, click Teams

  4. From the Teams screen, click Create team

  1. Fill out your new team's information, include Team Name, Abbreviation, Gender, and Birth year.

  2. Also, make sure you mark yourself as either the Coach or Manager so you have access to the team in your Trace Teams App.

Do you need to edit your team? View these Edit your Team instructions.

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