Tracing scrimmages at practice

Kiana Hatam
Last Updated: 4 months ago


If it looks like a game… you can Trace it.

Yes, it is possible to Trace scrimmages or practice. However, in order for TRACE-BOT to process your results correctly you have to simulate real-game conditions as closely as possible. Below are some scenarios you may want to consider:

βœ… Only 1 team wears Tracers

πŸ“·What you need to do
Separate your players into Team A & Team B

  • Play on a soccer field with two goals

  • Create a new Trace game as you normally would

  • Play two equal length halves

  • Switch sides between halves as you normally would

  • Important: Assign Tracers to Team A roster only

  • Do not substitute players from one team to another.

The results

βœ… Video
βœ… Tactical Playlists
βœ… Player Moments (Team A)
βœ… Goalkeeper Moments (Team A)
βœ… Performance Stats (Team A)


❌ Both teams wear Tracers

Trace will not work properly if both teams are wearing Tracers.


βœ… Smaller field sizes

Make sure your smaller fields are clearly marked with cones for all 4 corners and the center line.

❌ Tracing will not process for drills / technical work

You cannot Trace when there are multiple balls on the field. You may use drills as an opportunity to test your equipment, practice setup, and give the players a chance to get used to Tracers – but, we will not be able to provide any results.

The results

❌ Video
❌ Tactical Playlists
❌ Player Moments
❌ Performance Stats

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