Downloading Game Results

Kiana Hatam
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

Trace makes your life easy by automatically editing player highlights, touch chains, and coach notes. You can save and organize your highlights in Trace iD. But sometimes you might want to download highlights to add to social media.

Download #TraceHighlights

  1. While the highlight is playing, click the share symbol in the navigation bar.

  2. Click “Download.”

    * Tip: Use hashtag #TraceHighlights when posting on social media so we can share it!

Download full game

  1. Go to the Full Game playlist for the game you wish to download

  2. Click the three dots in the top right

  3. From Highlight options, choose download

  4. The game will automatically download to your default downloads folder.

Note: full game downloads are available for 90 days after your game. You can continue to watch the full game and to download highlights from any tactical or personalized playlist for as long as your Trace subscription is active. You can also create a highlight from the full game.

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