Updating and Creating Highlights

Kiana Hatam
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago

TRACE_BOT makes your life easier by automatically editing your game results. Automatic results are fast, but they aren’t always perfect. If you find a highlight is tagged incorrectly, or is completely missing, what do you do?


Edit Tags

You can edit the tags on any highlight.

Your highlight may also be in someone else’s playlist. Changes you make are applied everywhere this highlight exists.

  1. Open the highlights list

  2. Tap on the the three dots in the bottom right to open Highlight options

  3. Tap Edit tags

  4. Update field location, highlight description, or players (remember you are making changes for the whole team-do not untag other players that are featured in the highlight.)

  5. Once you’ve made your changes, tap Continue to confirm

  6. Review your changes and tap Save

Remove Goals

Sometimes TRACE_BOT tags a highlight as a goal that isn’t one. To remove a highlight from the goal playlist:

  1. Open the highlights list, and make sure you are looking at the goals playlist

  2. Tap on the the three dots in the top right to open Highlight options

  3. Tap This is not a goal

  4. Tap Continue to remove goal


Create a Highlight

Before you create a new highlight, review your tactical playlists. Is the highlight you are missing available in a tactical playlist? If so, you can edit the tags to add yourself to the highlight (see instructions above.) If your highlight wasn’t captured anywhere, you can create a new highlight:

  1. Navigate to where you want to start in the full game playlist, or start from any highlight.

  2. Tap on the the three dots in the bottom right to open Highlight options

  3. Tap Create Highlight

  4. Select the highlight’s start and end time using the length adjustment buttons

  5. Tap Continue to tags

  6. Select the player names, field location and highlight descriptions, then tap Continue to confirm

  7. Review your highlight and tap Save

Once a highlight is created, you can jump to the full game from that highlight.



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