What if your player doesn’t have an email address?

Every Trace account must have a unique email address to identify it. So what do you do if your player does not have their own email address?

The most important thing to remember is to keep email addresses with the person they belong to. That means if you have a parent with an email address but a player without, you should associate that email with the parent, not the player. As players move to new teams or siblings get added to the system, it’s important to have the email addresses associated with the people they belong to so you can access all your family’s content.

If a player is too young to have their own email address, you can do the following:

  • If the parent has a gmail address, you can create the player an email alias: if the parent email is name@gmail.com, you can make the player’s email name+child@gmail.com

  • If gmail is not available, you can use a placeholder (fake) email for the player’s email address. As long as you set their parent up with a parent account, the family will be sent the player’s personalized moments.

    Setting up email accounts correctly from the start means having to make fewer changes in the future, keeping families’ content organized and accessible over time.

    If you need assistance updating emails in your account or merging multiple accounts, please fill out a support ticket

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