Using Trace Match Results

The majority of athletes are visual learners. Evaluating their performance through video is a proven way to help players fix unconscious habits and improve performance. But long video review sessions covering full matches can leave players feeling bored and disengaged. 

Tactical playlists from Trace give coaches a streamlined method to conduct full team review sessions and educate players on the full game, not just their position.  

With Tactical playlists, videos are segmented by touch chains, progressions, defensive breakdowns, goals, offensive third, middle, third, and defensive third. This allows coaches to review key highlights easily, saving time, capturing the attention of players, and ultimately creating a more intelligent team.

Trace’s automatic, personalized highlights make individualized coaching sessions fast and easy.

With Trace, coaches can:

  • Streamline prep for group review sessions

  • Have time to spend 2-4 minutes with each player individually reviewing specific highlights.

  • Assign players a highlight or set of highlights to review. 

  • Ask players to record a quick, self-reflective video based on what they’ve learned from their highlights and send it to their coach to ensure they are digesting the information.

Research shows Generation Z are most responsive to one-on-one instruction. But as any coach knows, it’s nearly impossible to give athletes the attention they need. Trace’s system is designed to provide short, personalized content that players can consume to deliver actionable results. Streamlining player engagement allows you to focus on what you’re best at: the coaching.

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