Uploading Your Tracer Data (Legacy)

If your Tracer upload failed or stalled, you may wish to plug your Trace Case directly to ethernet to upload Tracers separately.

1. Plug your case into power and ethernet


2. Press the Upload Button

Press the Upload button at the top left-hand corner of your Trace Case. The case takes 30-60 seconds to power up. 


If your case number is 7500 or higher, your case might not have an upload button. Just plug in your case, and it will start uploading.

When the case is on, you will notice that the Transfer icons are blinking and the Tracer lights are blinking. This will take about a minute.


3. Text Trace Support

Text your case number to Trace support at 888.598.7223: "I just connected Case #### to upload its tracer data". You'll find your case number below the QR code.

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