Start Tracing

1. Turn your Tracers ON

Press the ON button on the bottom right hand side of the case. Wait until all Tracers finish starting up and are blinking red.

It will take about 10 seconds for the Tracers to blink red.

2. Scan your Trace Case ID

Use your phone’s built-in camera to scan the barcode ID on your Trace case.

3. Hand out Tracers

Your app will show every Tracer number assigned to every player you entered into the roster.

The Tracers are programmed to auto-shutdown after 180 minutes. If your game could go into extra innings, please distribute the Tracers no more than 15-20 minutes prior to the first pitch.

4. Wearing your Tracer

Have each player check that their Tracer is blinking red. Have the player put the Tracer in their back pocket.

(If your team has players that are younger than 12, we recommend you follow these steps for distributing your Tracers.)

5. Set up camera along a baseline

Between home and the base.

If there’s a net where you want to place the camera, make sure the camera is in front of the net. If the camera is behind a net or other obstructions, our AI may not be able to process your game. If you can’t place the camera between bases and in front of the net, move the camera along the baseline towards the outfield.

6. Press the power button to turn your TraceCam on

When the camera is ready, the record lights will flash red.

The camera will tell you when it’s turned on.

7. Scan your camera ID

Use the QR reader or type it in manually.

8. Raise & aim the tripod

The optimal camera height is 8-12 feet. Align the flat back of the camera parallel to the sideline.

If your tripod or mount is less than 6 feet off the ground, please tilt the camera upwards.

9. Connect the camera to Preview

Adjust your aim based on the preview. You want to see as much sky as possible, without cutting off any of the field.

Congrats. you’ve started to Trace, and now your game is in progress.

What happens next?
Leave the camera in its place for the duration of the game. Come back when the game is over to Stop Tracing.

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