Pre-game Setup

What you will need

  1. Trace Teams app for creating your game and starting/stopping the equipment

  2. Trace Cam

  3. Tripod + 3 full sandbags (10lbs each) or fence clip

  4. Trace Case

If this is your first time give yourself 45-60 minutes before the game to set up and 20 minutes after the game to pack up.

1. Create a new game

Find the games tab in your Trace Teams iOS app. Tap Create a new game and follow the steps to select your opponent, game date, and time

2. Set up the tripod or fence mount

Set up the tripod or fence mount between home plate and 1st or 3rd base. If using a tripod, secure it with all three sandbags. Each sandbag holds ~10lbs of sand. If possible set up the camera away from the sun. You will come back to raise the tripod later during the Start Tracing procedure.

Don't want to use sandbags? Check out these alternatives!

Canopy Weights

Trampoline Stakes

If there is a net where you’d like to place the camera, make sure the camera is in front of the net. If the camera is behind a net or other obstructions, our AI may not be able to process your game. If you can’t place the camera between bases and in front of the net, move the camera along the baseline towards the outfield.

Congrats. You are set up and ready to go.

What happens next?
Start Tracing your game about 15-20 minutes before the first pitch.*

*The Tracers are programmed to auto-shutdown after 180 minutes, so if you are playing in a game that could go into extra innings, please distribute the Tracers no more than 15-20 minutes prior to the first pitch.

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