How to share game video

You can access all of the sharing options from the sharing menu, which you can find by choosing the share icon at the bottom right of the video player.

Sharing with college coaches or recruiters

The best way to share highlights with coaches and recruiters is through Trace iD. College coaches might receive many hours of video during a recruiting season. You have a limited amount of time to get their attention: coaches want to see up-to-date content, in context, that shows tactical decisions and spatial awareness. With Trace iD, they can go from a highlight to the full game with one click for quick access to the 360 degree view they want. Trace iD auto-updates with your latest stats and footage from the last five games.

How do I share my Trace iD?

The share button is located directly below the avatar at the top of your Trace iD page. Email the link to your recruiter, or friends and family. And you only have to share Trace iD once: it auto updates any time you add highlights.

Sharing on social media

There are three ways to share on social media: link shares and video file shares:

  • Direct Shares (Facebook, Twitter): from the sharing menu, click the social network you want to share to.

  • Link Shares: from the sharing menu, choose copy URL to copy the link to your highlight.

  • Video File Shares (Instagram, Youtube): from the sharing menu, choose download: the highlight will download to your default download folder on desktop and to your photo library on mobile.

Remember to tag your posts @traceup #tracehighlightss so we can share them!

Using social media for college recruiting? We’ve got best practices here.

Can I share Leaderboards?
Yes! Leaderboards are easy to share. You can share whole leaderboards or individual leaderboard highlights.

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