Equipment Test & Software Update

Before you start

  1. Set Up your equipment

  2. Make sure your equipment is charged. We recommend charging your TraceCase for 24 hours before Tracing for the first time or running an equipment test.

Hands on time for this equipment test will be about 30 minutes.

Create a test game

  1. Log in to your Trace Teams iOS app and tap the ? button

  2. Tap (+ Trace a New Game)

  3. Enter the opponent CMEquipmentTest, select Today, choose the next available time slot, and set the Half Lengths for 20 minutes

  4. Tap (Trace Now)

Start your test game

After you tap (Trace Now) we’ll run through the equipment as if we were Tracing a real game. Follow the instructions in the Trace Teams App to start your game. You do not need to hand out Tracers or set up your tripod. Leave the Tracers on (flashing red) inside the case.

Place your camera and case outside for about 20 minutes. (They must be outside for the GPS in the sensors to work.)

End your test game

Return to your Trace Teams App, tap (Stop Tracing) and follow all remaining steps to Stop Tracing.

Upload the test data

You can find detailed uploading instructions here.

  1. Plug your camera into ethernet, then plug in your power cable.

  2. Plug your case into power, then press the upload button.

  3. Press the Upload button on the top left corner of your case to ON.

  4. Keep your case and camera near each other during the upload process.

  5. You can follow your upload progress in the Trace Teams iOs app. (This could take a few hours depending on your internet speed. The case may restart itself during this process. )

Our team will let you know if the test was successful once your data is processed.

Last step – update software

Make sure that your upload is complete and the Transfer button light is off.

  • Unplug your Trace Case from its power source

  • Wait 10 seconds

  • Plug your Trace case back into the power source and leave it plugged in overnight to allow the case to charge fully.

  • Plug your camera into ethernet, then plug in your power cable.

You are done.

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