It’s important to charge your equipment the night before you play so the batteries last throughout your games!

1. Charging Your Camera

Once your upload is complete, leave the camera plugged in to charge.

How do I know it is charging?
The camera battery light will blink green, or you can view your camera charging progress in the Trace Teams iOS app.

How do I know when to turn my camera off?
The battery light is solid green or the app says 100% full.

When can I unplug the camera?
When the battery is fully charged. (see above)

2. Charging Your Tracers

  • Leave your case plugged in once the upload is complete.

  • Make sure all sensors are in the case, and they are all connected.

How do I know they are charging?
The Tracers will be flashing green.

How do I know they are fully charged?
The Tracers will be solid green. Not all Tracers will take the same amount of time to charge. Wait until all Tracers are solid green.

How can I tell how much battery is left on the Tracer?
Solid Green Light = Fully Charged*
Flashing Green Light = Needs to charge

*Once Tracers are solid green and your upload completes, please unplug your case. By the time your video is finished uploading, your Tracers should be fully charged. We do not recommend leaving your case plugged in for more than 4 hours. Tracers left charging for extended periods of time will degrade and eventually stop working.

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