Camera not Uploading or Connecting to Network

To connect your camera to the internet, follow the instructions for uploading. If your camera does not connect during the upload process, and you are sure your internet connection is working, follow these instructions to reset your camera. (Note: resetting the camera will not affect any saved videos on the camera's hard drive.)

  1. With the camera unplugged, use a Paperclip to press the Reset button under the Camera. Please hold down for 10 seconds and release. Plug the camera into power and ethernet.

If the issue persists, please continue with the following instructions:

  1. Use a Phillips Head screwdriver to unscrew the lid from the camera.
  2. Remove the lid from the camera.
  1. Disconnect the battery cables that are connected to the motherboard and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Reconnect the battery cables to the motherboard and assemble the camera. Once the camera is assembled please plug the camera into power and ethernet.
    Use a flathead screwdriver to push down and fully seat the battery connector.

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