Best practices for managing Tracers for younger teams

Kiana Hatam
Last Updated: 4 months ago

High school players can and should be expected to care for and manage their own equipment. But what about younger players? Your elementary school players have developmental and attention barriers that keep them from managing all their equipment on their own. 

For younger players, we commend that a parent handle the Tracer and strap distribution:

As players arrive, the parent will call over one player at a time, check that their Tracer is blinking red, put the tracer inside the strap, and put it on the player’s dominant calf. If the straps are too loose, pre-wrap may be used in addition or in place of the strap.

See how to wear Tracers with the Trace strap

See how to wear Tracers with pre-wrap

At the end of the game, a parent will go around and collect the straps and Tracers in a bag from all the players. The videographer will place the Tracers in the Trace Case. If there are any missing, the videographer will be able to see who didn’t turn them in from the Tracer number.

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