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Definitions and a general overview

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2012 12:25PM EST
Maximum Speed
Maximum speed is more, or less, just how fast you were able to ski or snowboard downhill. We do run some checks to make sure that the speed changes over your run make sense to try and keep consistency and accuracy. You can read a bit more about these checks on our blog:

Sustained Speed
Sustained speed tries to calculate how well you were able to keep going at a high speed. Your visit is broken up into ten second increments, and we take the overall maximum of the local minimums for those segments. So let's say you had 3 ten second segments with

1.) Max speed: 50mph; min speed: 42 mph
2.) Max speed: 62mph; min speed: 30 mph
3.) Max speed: 55mph; min speed: 38 mph

Your Sustained speed would be 42mph.

Vertical is how much altitude you've covered during your day without including chairlifts. So when we write that you logged 25,000 ft of vertical, that means that in total, you dropped 25,000 ft over the course of your day.

For distance we simply look at the length of skiing that you've done for a day. If you were running your path instead of skiing it, how many miles would it be?

Chairlift, Active, and Resting Time.
If you're going downhill (not on a chairlift) faster than 7mph, then this is counted towards your "Active Time."
If you're on a chairlift or waiting in line for a chairlift, then this is counted towards your "Lift Time."
Everything else is "Rest Time."

To measure the amount of calories you burn, we use a step function that is based on your weight, speed, and time of both active and non active movement. Because you have so much gear on when you hit the slopes, you're actually burning more calories than if you were waiting in line for something at home.

Airtime and Jumps
Airtime is the amount of time that you were suspended in the air, with no part of your body or skis / board touching the ground. Jumps is the number of times this happened.
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