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How to Land A Jump - Snowboarding

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2011 10:31PM EDT

When approaching a jump it’s important to have the proper speed. You have to make sure you at least catch the tranny[1] but the main goal is to land in the sweet spot (located in the very middle of the landing). Ride up the lip of the jump on one of your edges, which ever one feels most comfortable to you (normally people choose the toe edge and not the heel edge). Just make sure, though, that you hold that edge and don't switch mid way through--NEVER go off a lip completely flat boarded.


When you go off the lip stay balanced with the shape of the lip, don't lean back or forward. Keep this positioning into the end of the lip. You can either just ride off the lip with your momentum or you can pop off whichever edge you’ve choosen to approach the lip with from the beginning. Once you're in the air spot your landing and be ready to hit the ground. When you land in the tranny you can land on whatever edge you want, even land flat boarded. Ride all the way through the end of the landing and get stoked hit the next one!


If you're confidant enough to hit bigger ones they're a lot more fun, just make sure you always know the speed you approach before you hit it. You can do this by watching other people's lines who are hitting the same jump. Weight also plays a big role in what kind of speed you can generate so make sure you keep that in mind when approaching a bigger jump for the first time.

[1] Tranny is short for transition. It’s the part of the jump that slopes back down into the main part of the slope. When referred to the half pipe, tranny is the curved section of a halfpipe wall between the flat bottom and the vertical.
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