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Buying a new Snowboard?

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2011 10:30PM EDT

Master Haffner is back at it on AlpineReplay dropping knowledge on how to pick out your first snowboard. Check back next week when he teaches you about bindings and how to pick out the right pair!


In the modern snowboard market, there are A LOT of different types and variations of boards. There are a few things you need to pay attention to when buying a snowboard such as size, flexibility, and what type of camber the board has. If you are just starting out I would highly recommend a simple, regular cambered board. The whole purpose of a reverse camber or rocker board is to make it easier to pop off the snow or to keep your nose above the powder. If you don't do either of those things in the first place as a beginning snowboarder you probably don't want this type of board. There is also a difference in the actual flex of the board. Just starting out I would lean more towards a more flexible snowboard for better mobility. A stiffer snowboard is better for powder. Size is also an important factor, talk to your local snowboard tech to find out what size snowboard is best for you. Your height and weight is what determines what size snowboard is best recommended for you. 

A regular cambered snowboard is a snowboard that sits flat on the ground (or snow). A reverse cambered snowboard is a snowboard that has a reverse arc in the center of the snowboard (causing the board itself to create more pop when you jump off the snow). A rocker board is a board that has camber shaped like a banana, the center of the snowboard is flat to the ground while the nose and the tail are elevated (the opposite of a reverse cambered snowboard). There are also snowboards such as a YES. snowboard, that have "reverse camber" underneath the bindings. Causing the snowboard to be shaped like a mustache. This gives you the best of both worlds. Either way, beginner or advanced none of this is guaranteed to make you snowboard better. It's mostly just personal preference as far as I'm concerned.

The price of all these different types of snowboards do not differ too much. I think the main things that will determine the price of your snowboard is what time of year it is. If you buy a board that is out that season later on, during the spring it will obviously be cheaper. Before the season starts or even mid winter it will be more expensive. There are always boards from previous seasons that will always be cheaper (buying the previous season boards will obviously not effect the quality). This idea of course applies with all and any snowboard product that you can use on the hill.


Remember to check back next week when the Haff explains how to pick the right set of bindings (arguably more important than picking the right board).



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